How to Survive the Buffet Table

Published on the 22nd Dec, 2011 by Azmina

Party temptations can be the downfall of the best intentions at Christmas; such delicious little morsels that are so hard to resist. But just how much harm will canapés and party snacks do to your waistline – and your health? To make it easier for yourself when you are confronted by a table full of calorie-laden choices, plan ahead by eating something before you go out, like a banana. It will take the edge off hunger pangs and make it easier to resist temptation.


Festive Eating

Published on the 21st Dec, 2011 by Azmina

The British Dietetic Association estimates the average adult gains 5 to 7 lbs during the festive season. The good news is it doesn’t have to be so. If you plan ahead, you can have tasty nibbles around the house that won’t go straight to your waistline. And the full traditional Christmas fayre is all there for the taking; yes it’s true, provided you follow some simple guidelines.

Perhaps surprisingly, many of our traditional Christmas treats are healthy foods, low in calories and high in health-promoting vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Smoked salmon, roast turkey, lean ham, and a wonderful variety of fruit and vegetables all contribute to our enjoyment of Christmas.


Supermarket Savvy

Published on the 6th Dec, 2011 by Azmina

It really does make a difference if you take a list with you when you go shopping as it helps you to avoid costly impulse buys. You may trust a brand name, but buying into brands can burst the budget. Supermarket own brands tend to be cheaper but we sometimes shy away from buying them in the expectation that they will be inferior in some way. Start off by just buying one can or packet of a different brand and if you like it, you can make it a regular item on your shopping list. (more…)