5-minute brunch

Published on the 25th Aug, 2013 by Azmina

Fancy a healthy brunch or light lunch for two? Try this 5-minute wholemeal tortilla quesadilla:

tortilla brucnh
1. Stir-fry diced courgettes (zucchini) with ground black pepper and spring onions (scallions), 2 minutes.
2. Heat a little olive oil, sunflower seeds and garlic in a non-stick frying pan and lay a wholemeal tortilla on top, 1 minute.
3. Spread it with light soft cheese and throw in the fried courgettes, 1 minute.
4. Place a second tortilla wrap on top, drizzle with oil and grill, 1 minute.

One Day at a Time

Published on the 9th Aug, 2013 by Azmina

This is a recovery tool for getting over Food Addiction or Binge Eating; it’s probably one of the most important tools.

Dieters tend to plan to lose weight for something in the future….the celebration, the holiday, the job interview, etc. This type of goal focuses on the future and it is this which can cause many people to relapse.  The simple concept of taking things One Day At A Time is that the person trying to recover from overeating has to think about what they need to do for that day only.  They do not have to project further forward than that.  (more…)