Sweet potato crisps

Published on the 22nd Dec, 2015 by Azmina



Sweet potatoes are under-rated, in my opinion. Yet they are so versatile, easy to cook, and offer you a source of beta-carotene which is converted into vitamin A in your body. Although they are starchy and a great replacement for regular potatoes, unlike potatoes, the humble sweet potato counts towards your fruit and veg intake.  (more…)

10 things I learnt at the Sugar Summit 2015

Published on the 15th Dec, 2015 by Azmina

Sugar is still high on the government health agenda and The Royal Society of Medicine was this year’s venue for the Sugar Reduction Summit. I love going to conferences for the networking, tweeting (#sugarsummit was trending in the UK!), as well as the learning.

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Here are 10 summary tips from some of the lectures: (more…)