Restaurant Nutrition Review – Mac & Wild

Published on the 25th Aug, 2017 by Azmina

So, yesterday was National Burger Day. I decided to set off to review Mac & Wild, so that I could check out how you might make a healthier choice, whilst still enjoying the fun and frivolities of the atmosphere. Why Mac & Wild? I wanted to reconnect with my Scottish roots, and I must say the sensory stimulation did remind me of home. The tartan blanket over the bannister, the thistle pot on my table, and the Rabbie Burns poetry on the mirror, all added to the experience.


5 top tips for eating out

Published on the 20th Aug, 2017 by Azmina


  1. Eat a snack before you get there so you’re not famished. If you’re too hungry, you might not make mindful choices when ordering. Or order in two rounds, so your starter has had a chance to settle before you choose what’s next.
  2. Find ways to share – that way you get to try lots of dishes.
  3. Look at the menu online in advance, so you’re not lured into making unhealthy choices by friends or by seeing what’s on the next table!
  4. Eat slowly, put cutlery down between mouthfuls. Be mindful.
  5. Be conscious of drinks: alcohol and sugar-rich soft drinks can easily tot up the calories and undo all your good intentions.

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Is it possible to eat a vegan or vegetarian diet and still get all your nutrients?

Published on the 3rd Aug, 2017 by Azmina

Veganism is a growing trend. I’m seeing more and more young people, mainly women, who have concluded that this is the way to go, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with a vegan diet if it’s properly planned and includes a wide range of essential nutrients, I do have concerns. As far as I can tell, there’s a growing number of young people, especially girls, who choose to eat this way without having an understanding of nutrient needs, and often because the diet is so fibre-rich and filling, it can be hard for them to get enough calories into the day.


That’s one reason why I’m co-hosting a professional Twitter debate as part of the award-winning RDUK chats. We typically have around 50-80 participants on each chat and this gives you access to the latest thinking from registered dietitians and nutritionists in the field. Tune in for our Plant Power chat on Monday 7 August at 20.00BST by following @rdukchat. More on the chat.

Is it automatically healthier to be a vegetarian?

No! If you normally eat meat and then suddenly cut it out, you’re removing a whole range of nutrients that you need to put back in via other foods. And you could be eating vegetarian foods that are smothered in cheese or creamy sauces, or you may by buying processed veggie sausages and burgers that are likely to be high in salt. (more…)