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Azmina hosts twitter chats for brands and is co-founder and moderator for the award-winning #RDUK Twitter Chats (your chance to talk to expert dietitians and nutritionists, supported by the British Dietetic Association – BDA).
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Previous branded chats:

Azmina’s twitter chat for the Breakfast is Best campaign – a multi-stakeholder science-based European campaign  – was held on World Diabetes Day, Nov 2014. Azmina and Phil Vickery have been #talkingturkey on Twitter over the last two years, on behalf of British Turkey. And, Azmina has also hosted chats for Farmhouse Breakfast Week #FBWQandA and Tilda Rice.

Next RDUK chat 4 June, 20.00-21.00 BST with British Dietetic Association

  1. What does a ‘prevention based approach’ mean to you?
  2. Can we use prevention strategies in more acute dietetic settings?
  3. How best can dietitians promote themselves to help deliver on @BDA_Dietitians theme: #DietitiansDoPrevention
  4. What are your thoughts / tips  on starting ‘healthy conversations’ with patients about wider issues like inactivity, alcohol and smoking?
  5. Do you have any particularly good examples of evidence based prevention strategies led by Dietitians?


#vegandiet chat (Jan 2018)

1. What are the pros and cons of Veganuary?
2. Does current evidence suggest a vegan diet is the same as a protective plant-based diet?
3. Is a vegan diet suitable for all groups of people?
4. What are your key tips for making a vegan diet balanced and nutritious?
5. Share your recipes, research papers or online resources to help make vegan eating simple, healthy and enjoyable.

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How does #RDUK work?

#RDUK is a monthly moderated Twitter conversation related to the latest headlines, new studies or controversial topics, in collaboration with the British Dietetic Association. Anyone with a twitter account can participate!


First Monday of each month at 20.00-21.00 GMT. Each month we cover a different topic, so Search Twitter for #RDUK for news and views, or come back to this page for updates.


The chat happens live on Twitter and you can join in at any time during the hour. Simply tag your tweets with #RDUK.


Previous #RDUK Twitter chats

Jan 2018: Vegan diet

Nov 2017: Heart Health & CholesterolThis chat was kindly supported by The Almond Board of California

Sep 2017: Meat Advice This chat was kindly supported by The Meat Advisory Panel. 

Aug 2017: Plant Power

Jun 2017: BDA Dietitians Week Nutrition Truths v Nutrition Fads

May 2017: Summer eating

Feb 2017: Nutrition Research

Dec 2016: Alcohol awarenessThis chat was kindly supported by Diageo. Special Guest Amanda Ursell

Oct 2016: Probiotics This chat was kindly supported by Symprove. Special Guest Prof Kevin Whelan

Sep 2016: School Food

June 2016: Food & Mood

May 2016: Soya Foods This chat was kindly supported by Alpro. (#RDUK was trending in UK!)

April 2016: Mindful Eating

March 2016: Hydration

Dec 2015: Food as Medicine

Nov 2015: Red meat, what are the facts? This chat was kindly supported by The Meat Advisory Panel.

Oct 2015: Plant-based eating This chat was kindly supported by Alpro

Sep 2015: Omega 3

July 2015 – Yogurt This chat was kindly supported by Danone UK

June 2015 – Healthy Ageing  This chat was part of UK Dietitians Week, 8m twitter impressions reached this week

June 2015 – Ask for Evidence This chat was a collaboration with Sense about Science as part of UK Dietitians Week, 8m twitter impressions reached this week

June 2015 – Workplace Health This chat was part of UK Dietitians Week, 8m twitter impressions reached this week

May 2015 – Breakfast Cereals This chat was kindly supported by the Association of Cereal Food Manufacturers

April 2015  – Low FODMAP diets

March 2015 – National Hydration Week

February 2015 –  Worldwide foodie

December 2014 – Triglycerides

November 2014 – low calorie sweetenersThis chat was kindly supported by the Global Stevia Institute

September 2014 – Processed Food

August 2014 – Sports Nutrition

July 2014 – Adult Food Allergies

June 2014 – The Big Fat Debate Meat Free Mondays Nutrition Secrets All chats held on Dietitians Week and we reached over 5 million people.

April 2014 – #dairyprotein The April 2014 chat was kindly supported by Total Greek Yoghurt.

March 2014 – #hydration

Feb 2014 – sugar  Guest Tweeter: Tracy Kelly, Head of Care, Diabetes UK. (Total reach: 1.6m. #rduk was trending in the UK!).  

Dec 2013 – Milk Allergy The December 2013 chat was kindly supported by Mead Johnson Nutrition. 

Nov 2013 – weaning  (#rduk was trending in the UK!)

Sep 2013 – Heart Health

July 2013 – Food Labelling

May 2013 – Gluten free

Mar 2013- Sugar – friend or foe?

Feb 2013 – Diet in Pregnancy

Jan 2013 – Fad diets

Dec 2012 – Infant Cow’s Milk Allergy

Nov 2012 Diet and Cancer

Oct 2012:  Food and Mood

Sep 2012: Mediterranean Diet

July 2012 – Nutrition myths

June 2012 – To Carb or not to Carb? (#rduk was trending in the UK!)

May 2012 – weaning

Apr 2012  can FODMAP diet help IBS?

Mar 2012 – Beefing up malnutrition

Feb 2012 – Fussy eating in kids

Jan 2012 – Vitamin D

Dec 2011 – Festive eating

Nov 2011 – Winter Wise, Drop A Size

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Please contact Azmina via Twitter (@AzminaNutrition) if you have any questions.