Key Opinion Leader Influencing Strategies

Azmina builds long and trusted professional relationships and has a wide network of nutritionists, dietitians and journalists. She works with brands to engage experts in a variety of ways:

Hosting and Chairing Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Roundtable events

Choose your venue, choose your outcomes, choose your theme, and leave Azmina to animate the concepts with a group of selected experts. Azmina will work with you to create a bespoke programme that is interactive and purposeful, while keeping the participants alert and involved. Her unique style brings collaborative thinking, challenges current opinion, and facilitates an energising debate.

Hosting a professional Twitter chat

Create a set of questions to meet your desired objectives and let Azmina engage with like-minded professionals to stimulate newsworthy conversations, or to simply bring a topic front of mind amongst experts, the public, and the media. She can plan the timeline, use her LinkedIn and other networks to promote the chat, moderate the event, bring in guest experts, and provide you with stats to evaluate the success of the chat. You can either do this independently with Azmina, or you can sponsor one of her award-winning RDUK professional twitter chats.

Sharing insights from Conferences

Holding or sponsoring a seminar or conference? Azmina can promote the event on her social media platforms, tweet live from the conference, and write a summary of key insights for KOLs, and conduct press interviews. Sample video.


121 meetings

There’s no shortage of contacts – if you want to meet with diabetes experts or organisations, if your target area is cardio-protection, if you specialise in children’s health, whatever it is, Azmina uses her networks to help you “get a foot in the door” with credibility and professionalism.

Posting an Opinion Piece Blog

Sensational media headlines attract expert debate and Azmina is quick to share her honest opinion on the latest news. This often inspires other key opinion leaders to share their views on topical issues. See her posts about the National Obesity Forum “Eat fat” publicity, the demonisation of sugar, the Government’s SACN Carbohydrate Report and more.