PR Agencies & Food Industry

Get key opinion leaders such as journalists, media nutritionists & healthcare professionals on your side and your product becomes memorable and respected within influential circles. Azmina acts as a credible interface between agency and KOLs by giving direct access to them and talking ‘HCP language’.

She provides authoritative, independent nutritional consultancy on a range of areas including quotes for press releases, assisting in pitches for new clients, finding creative nutritional angles for existing brands, press briefings, consumer insights and anticipation of future trends in the food and drink market.

Azmina assesses the nutritional benefits of a brand and helps communicate health messages to the public through her understanding of consumer dietary habits. Her flexible approach enables PR and marketing agencies to try out her expertise over a range of clients on a cost-effective “taxi meter” basis. To find out more, contact Azmina here.

Azmina's nutrition tips on Lorraine Show

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