Social Media

Azmina was on the sofa with other experts on Friday 5 April for a live webcast with NHS Choices. She gave top tips on how to manage your weight and stay there. If you want to send her a question for future webcasts, just tweet Azmina or NHSChoices. And if you missed it, here’s an archive link to the debate!

Remember to join Azmina first Monday of the month on #RDUK, a twitter forum which has the support of the British Dietetic Association. She recently appeared as expert nutritionist for Farmhouse Breakfast Week and for Tilda Basmati’s healthy eating twitter chat. She was the nutritionist for  NHS Choices Facebook Campaign and is on-screen expert for  NHS Choices health and diet videos.

Azmina enjoys communicating through social media.  Her recent talk to nutritionists focussed on encouraging healthcare professionals to ‘get social’. She shares her tips, bug bears, recipes, product views and slimming strategies on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. She was nutrition expert for NHS Choices Get Ready for Summer Facebook Campaign and is active on several global web-based forums.